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Be Happy!
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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Star Books and Festive Spirit

Well I'm feeling really quite festive today. I have done some Christmas shopping, have rosy cheeks from the nip in the air and I have been making star book decorations for my etsy shop. How could I not feel festive after a week like that?!

 I really love star books (also known as carousel book did you know?), the wonderful structure and the fact that you can build them up to be so complex.

They can be made with just thread and paper, although many people do use glue for ease, and they look like a team of architects would have to have spent hours designing all the angles and folds to go together just so.

Useful for so many things, lovely special messages, scenes from stories or festive decorations like the collection I have just made.
Check out some of these star books in my etsy shop here. More will be coming soon too! (Hmm, think I need to work on my photos...what a great excuse to get them all out to look at again!)

What would you use yours for?

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