Be Happy!

Be Happy!
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Sunday, 13 November 2011

First Double Commission!

So nervous, I got my first double commission a few weeks ago (it actually took me a little while to realise that they were serious about wanting the books and not just 'being nice'!) and tomorrow is the day that I hand my creations over for approval!

 Right now, getting paid for it doesn't seem as important as the fact that they like them! I guess that it's always harder when you know the people that you are selling to, as you will have to face them again even if they don't like the result. My mantra right now is 'I have faith in my product. I have faith in my product...'

 I have taken special care with the packaging and included a wee extra just for the couple who placed the commission (the two books are for presents they tell me) and that has helped to keep me a wee bit calmer. I am imagining this being shipped off like an etsy order (the as-yet mythical etsy order as I have still to win over a potential buyer and get my first sale!) and have packaged it as I think I would like to receive it.

I hope this is all going to work out fine. Is everyone this nervous with their first commission? Do you get any less nervous the more you do, or is it the same 'performance anxiety' every time?
Right, ok...breathe...'I have faith in my product...'


  1. Say that and then WRITE it down everywhere you can -- "I have faith in my product!". :-)

  2. Thanks Lori!
    They loved them! I am in celebration mode now :)