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Be Happy!
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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Books galore! First Etsy Sale!

OMG! I have almost stopped leaping around the living room celebrating...almost! How exciting! Some complete stranger wants to buy one of my books! This wee cutie (pictured abover) is one of my favourites, so they have got good taste! 

I have also got a new commission for a HUGE A3 book. I find this a bit terrifying as I normally work on a fairly tiny scale, but challenges are the way to grow aren't they?

Oh life is so exciting! I also have to share a wee planning book I made for a friend's engagement gift, super cute wee heart bead (from Venice in Italy!) but bright orange. She would have hated anything conventional!

Right, I had better get going and start packing up an order and checking that I have the materials for 'The Mega Book' as I have taken to calling it.
(Yes, I am still dancing around the living room! :))

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  1. Congratulations on your First Etsy Sale! I remember how thrilled I was too... It just feels "special" somehow. You make lovely books, so I'm sure you'll soon make more sales - keep up the good work and keep up the publicity!
    Nice little orange planner. What kind of book is the A3 one?