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Be Happy!
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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Information Overload...Almost.

Wow, I think I have just had the more useful and informative afternoon workshop of my life! It was brilliant!

As you will have gathered my aim is to become a bookbinder (at least most of my time) and I have been putting a lot more effort into working towards this recently. To this end I booked myself onto a 'Starting Out' workshop run by the 'Cultural Enterprise Office' which is all focused towards creative businesses. Amazing!

Their webiste alone is stuffed full of more information than you can possibly take in, even after visiting it several times, but it is all organised so that it makes sense and is easy to find. Perfect or what?! It is a Scottish thing but a lot of the info is highly relevant to anyone just getting into starting up/running you very own creative business.

The one and only bad thing about this is that I now have a to-do list about as long as I am tall and, although I am really quite short, that is a lot to get going with! It was helpfully all broken down into bite size chunks however so I have 3 points to work on first and the rest should flow from there. So inspired! (This is also the first time in my life I was excited to learn about tax, have you ever heard anything so crazy?!)

Good luck to all of us carving out our own wee creative corners around the world! :)

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