Be Happy!

Be Happy!
Rainbow smiles to carry everywhere

Monday, 27 February 2012


Hello online world!
Please accept my humble appologies for my inexcusable absence from this virtual stage for the last wee while. I have been busy shaking my head and physical world into a closer semblance of order (well...creative clutter, but that's the best kind of order!).
Back in Jan I challenged myself to have 100 books in my wee shop by the end of March...insert blushing face here...shall we just say that I have quite a bit to do if I am going to hit that goal! But I am still telling people about it to try and shame myself into action. I think it will work soon!

In any case, I will be back soon (maybe with a slightly different focus for my musings as I feel I need a little more scope here for full inspiration) and I promise to bring some fun and firework sparks of creativity when I brave the spotlights again.

Enjoy your extra day this year everyone! What will you do with it? :)

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  1. (((HUGS))) Look forward to hearing more from you, sweet lady! <3