Be Happy!

Be Happy!
Rainbow smiles to carry everywhere

Monday, 16 January 2012

Personal 'Be Happy' Books

My family is all about creativity but my mum and two sisters all feel the lack of summer sunshine pretty strongly. I decided that a 'Be Happy' book would have to be made for each of them to keep the smiles topped up until the longer days come back. The challenge was to make them each very personal but still be recognisably a 'Be Happy' book that would make them smile when they saw it.

I was inspired to make the 'Be Happy' series of books one gloomy grey day when an unexpected rainbow caught my eye and lifted my spirits with its glorious jewel-like colours. I thought that it would be amazing if everyone was able to carry something bright and cheery with them to lift their spirits when needed and, ta da!, the ‘Be Happy’ books were born. I use my own personal copy mostly for inspiring quotes but it also gets ‘additions’ from friends adding cheery notes or hugs when they get inspired!

I have never shown one of these to someone without a smile appearing, love that reaction! 

Begone Blue Days! 
Hello Sunshine Rainbow Moments! :)

Here are the results...

Firstly; lots of rainbow pages on the inside and a happy green outer with leaf and flower beads for sunny summer reminders!

This next one was for my mum with her wonderful appreciation of the ridiculous, hence the 'Laugh' charm and the fun toadstool.

 These all had rainbow pages scattered throughout for fun and bright inspirations, as well as making sure that I left plenty of space for them to write on plain cream backgrounds too. Some quotes and thoughts just work best on traditional paper I think.

 Last but not least a wee deep blue sky book for with bright accents, including a smiley face bead! 

 I do have to apologise for the 'less than perfect' photos, the better camera and daylight were just not available so there were originally intended as just reference shots. Too much fun not to share though, and they loved them which is the most important part!

What do you carry around to keep you smiling? Photos of loved ones, worry stones, sketchbooks, all of the above and more? Whatever it is I hope it pours out sunshine whenever you need it!

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