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Be Happy!
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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas! Also - The Mega Book is Completed!

Merry Christmas everyone!
I just love this time of year (if only it was snowing it would be perfect). I hope everyone has the most amazing Christmas and a fabulous start to a wonderful New Year full of inspiration, fun and adventures!

So the Mega Book...I don't mind telling you that it is kind of nice to have space back in my studio again. The Mega Book was just so HUGE that it seemed to take up every available space going (even the bits of my shared space that are not meant to be invaded by my book-binding...oops!).

 I actually gave this to the client on the 18th, but I have been so busy dashing around and trying to catch up on sorting out all my own Christmas gifts that this is the first chance I have had to sit down and write a few words about it! (SO big! Just look how mega huge it is!)

A3 in height, but slightly slimmer. Leather covered boards, coptic bound with metal embellishments. Different papers interspersed in a specific order dictated by the client's needs (collation was a challenge in itself!).Such a lovely personal gift though; the client's girllfriend speaks several languages so he had picked a poem in each native language and several images of paintings from that country to go with it. He wanted tissue paper to protect every painting page and the poems were to be displayed on handmade paper. Such a thoughtful and romantic gift don't you think?

I must admit I was a bit overwhelmed by this project, but I am so pleased with how it turned out. So nervous when I presented it to the client but he was speechless and later said that I had "created a wonder". Very happy! I hope the girlfriend appreciates all the hours of thought and work that went into it!

On that happy note, I shall leave you with more fabulous festive wishes.
Have a most wonderful time everyone!

Lizzie x

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  1. Oh wow! Oh wow! And Oh Wow again!
    Amazing. No wonder the customer was "speechless". It looks fabulous. Well done to you, that was a real Project and a half!
    I'm really excited to see how well it turned out. Lovely Lizzie - just great!