Be Happy!

Be Happy!
Rainbow smiles to carry everywhere

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Let It Snow!

Finally my snow dances have paid off! There is snow in Scotland! Not at my front door quite yet, but I will be heading up north to visit it at the weekend. Snowman and snow-angels here I come! :)

To celebrate I finally got brave enough to use the lovely pendant that I bought from the lovely Miss Erin of Tresoi Trovati. I just have to wear it to celebrate the arrival of the snow tomorrow (and help cheer me up that I have to go to work instead of bind books all day!). I hope she likes what I have created, and forgives me for it being a last minute inspitation thing and not quite finished yet.
(Hence the reason it doesn't have a clasp quite yet...I'm working on that! The options I had just didn't seem quite right so I will re-visit that a little later, but I can't wait to wear him so it will be ribbon tied tomorrow if I don't get inspired tonight...good thing I not a professional at this jewellery business, no image to up-keep :))

This cute wee chap is a bit bigger than most pendants I wear so I have been mulling over how best to frame him for a while. Then today, in the midst of a flurry of fun and inspired bookbinding I pulled our this glorious deep red I have a plan... Layers of ribbons to capture the colour pallete, plaited to give substance and colour matched beads spaced to create interest. That makes it sound much more planned than it was but I am very pleased with how it turned out.

Lots of bookmaking has been going on today, I will share that soon. Let me just say that working on rainbow books is the happiest work ever, smiles are guaranteed! :)


  1. I love it Miss Lizzie! What an inspired touch to use the red ribbon. Very festive indeed! And I love tying necklaces closed. Very smart. You are becoming a jewellery designer I think! Celebrate the season! Enjoy the day.

  2. Oh Lizzie!!!! It's gorgeous! It's absolutely perfect! <3 Erin is right, you are becoming a jewellery designer :) Yay you!!!

  3. What a cute pendant and a perfect design for it. I also agree with Erin also - you are indeed becoming a jewelry designer!